Dance Togs is nationally recognized as one of the leading dance wear stores in the United States. They are known for their professional training, quality knowledge of dance wear and personal experience of dancing for over 40 years. It’s a know fact that people through out the United States call and come into Dance Togs for guidance on products.

There are many reasons Dance Togs has been around for over 40 years – They are always seeking the latest in design of shoes and apparel for all ages, experts at fittings in ballet and points shoes, knowledge of what shoes and dance wear is best for performing and why, and their respect for the traditions of dance and dance wear and personal professional customer service.

Though don’t take our word for it, come in and experience it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

“We bring our daughter, Lauren to Dance Togs to be fit for her pointe, demi-pointe and ballet slippers for all the obvious reasons. Everyone at Dance Togs provides extraordinary customer service, are always willing to spend time and help, do not hesitate to make special orders, they maintain a stock to accommodate the dancers they serve, and Ms. Anita is able to pull off miracles! Those are the obvious reasons, the ones that may be apparent to anyone in the market for the critical ballet equipment our dancers need.
The main reason that we are loyal to Dance Togs, the reason that trumps all, is the fact that our daughter (and us) completely TRUST the staff at Dance Togs, with the health and safety of her feet. Plain and Simple. They always make sure that every shoe that goes on her foot firs and is appropriate. They check, analyze and follow up with her to assure that the choices made are going to help prevent injuries and allow her to trust her shoes and body to do what they do so well.
We have, in the past, tried other ballet stores. Suffice it to say, we LOVE DANCE TOGS!
We are grateful to have the Dance Togs team to take care of Lauren and her dance needs. Frankly, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”
-Debora W.
“Thank you so much for your kindness in fitting Grace for her first pair of point shoes last week. You were so generous with us and I really appreciate it. We’ll be back to see you.”
– Suzanne L.
“Thank you for all your help with point shoes and for making the return so easy!”
– Denise
“When you want the best come to Dance Togs.”
– Michael S.